Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Everyone is loco because Blizzardo Diablo is coming.

Snow hysteria is here!!! Our area of Kentucky has been targeted by a rogue snow storm and we are expecting anywhere from 1 to 24 inches of snow tomorrow. It is the talk of the county. I have never seen a town so excited and yet terrified of snow. This is a county that will cancel school if it clouds up. Last night the forecast was an inch or so. Today I have heard sixteen different forecasts from people all fired up. Everyone is bouncing around the county seat like they are Daffy Duck. Woo hoo, hoo hoo, woo hoo!!!

Someone said 2-4 inches, someone else said 3-4 with ice, and Yahoo weather says heavy snow with 4-6 inches. With the amount of snow this county averages a year, we are probably getting our one big snow out of the way early this season. I love snow and any time there is a chance for snow, I am for it, whether it is Blizzardo Diablo or an inch of snow. In anticipation of this storm, I am going to the store like every person in the county and buying the “in case you are snowed in” staples: bread, milk, eggs, and in most cases beer. Have a happy snow day!!!


BRATCH said...

And the best part about it is that everyone goes to the store and stocks up like we could be snowed in for 3 months like '78 all over again.

This is despite the fact that it is supposed to be in the upper 40's next week on the 10-day forecast.

But at least we aren't down in the Carolina's where one city got an inch of snow during the day and kids had to spend the night in school and the city shut down.

Piccu said...

Well, people who live in the Carolinas are incredibly huge p@#%*@s.

my_merlin77 said...

It was 75 here on Sunday and it's pushing 50 today. SO eat it.

I hope that crap is gone by Christmas, I have no desire to drive long distance through that.