Thursday, December 15, 2005

Beware of the Dog.

Good news, good news. The Dog is back. That’s right, Bratch’s favorite bounty hunter, Dog Chapman, is coming back to A&E for a third season. You have never seen the Dog? He is a bounty hunter that lives and works in Hawaii. He has the whole repressed hair band lead singer look going on. He has the long hair with some feathers weaved into it. He wears leather most times and his clothes are almost always black. He is a muscular dude, he probably became that way after his stay in prison. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he is a Christian. Caught you off guard, didn’t I? Yes the Dog is keeping the streets clean for the law and the Lord.

I have watched every episode of Dog and every episode is the same thing. This family of bounty hunters gathers and discusses that day’s criminal they need to capture. They seem to find some reason to think that this con is going to fight or this one is going to run or this one has a weapon and 9 times out of 10 they walk up to them and arrest them with no trouble. The best shows are the shows where the con runs or fights. And every capture begins with Dog cussing the convicts like a sailor and after the capture he is leading them to the Lord. By the end of the episode, the convict is born again and is offered help getting a job. It is really a crazy show. Check it out this Tuesday with a mini marathon starting at 8 PM Central. Enjoy!!!

In more good news, good news, it appears that the rumors of Arrested Development’s demise were exaggerated. According to Yahoo news, both ABC and Showtime are interested in bringing Arrested Development to their networks if, if Fox cancels the show. That sounds weird, I though Fox had already cancelled the show. It only ordered 13 episodes of the greatest comedy on television for this season. They might as well cancel the show.

Perhaps this desire by other networks to have the show will help Fox realize how good this show is. Maybe they could stop moving the show to a different night every season and try to help build on the show’s audience. I think they have to move it back to Sunday nights after The Simpsons and give it a couple of years. That seems to me to be the only place a show like this can grow. If it doesn’t make it there, it can’t make it anywhere.

ABC has no comedy and Showtime has nothing at all. I’m not sure either network would be a help for this series. If only NBC would get involved, Arrested Development would make a great addition to Must See TV Thursday.

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BRATCH said...

The only good thing about Dog is that it's funny to see him walking around all big and bad with his hideous wife. That woman is scary.

One thing is certain though, Dog will mace you at the foot of the cross and that's what makes it funny.

I think he's gotten away from telling everyone that he went to jail... FOR MURDER!!!!!!

Actually he went to jail on a technicallity under a very intelligent Texas law that somehow stated that if you were in the general vicinity of a murder and didn't report it, you too are a murderer.