Friday, December 16, 2005

Ashlee Simpson exhausted. Aren't we all?

Earlier in the week, Miami Heat head coach Stan Van Gundy resigned from his post citing the old stand by excuse of wanting to spend more time with his family. Many didn't believe it then and many do not believe it now. Most believe Pat Riley, legendary coach Pat Riley, wanted to coach this team for himself and the whole spending time with his family was the only excuse Van Gundy could come up with to explain his leaving a championship caliber team.

Now we have our second good old standby excuse of the week. Apparently Sivart's second favorite Simpson (and my first), Ashlee, has collapsed in Japan after a show. She had just performed her song "Boyfriend" and then told the audience she felt sick. She told them she loved them and as she got into an elevator she collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital.

No real details have been released on her condition and "stupposedly" she is still in the hospital. What has been released from one of those good old "unnamed sources" is that the collapse and fainting spell was caused by, you guessed it, "exhaustion." How many times have I heard that excuse used? Who else used it? Whitney? Mariah? Lindsay? I wonder how they got so exhausted? Who among us isn't exhausted? I am exhausted right now. My exhaustion is due to poor sleeping habits. I wonder what causes celebrity exhaustion?

Usually when I hear that excuse used for a fainting spell, I automatically believe that it is exhaustion brought on by staying up too late doing coke, but that's me. Hopefully it is nothing like that because you would hate to see another young star ruined by stupid drug use.

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Travis said...

Ashlee is actually my third favorite Simpson.

1. O. J. Simpson wins my admiration for being elusive on the football field, on the LA Expressway System, and in the courtroom. It's the trifecta!
2. Jessica Simpson even though I practically loathe her, I have to admit she's easy on the eyes. Even if she has become an uber-slut.
3. Ashlee, you make me wanna, ah, ah, ah, SCREEEEEEEEAM!!!
4. Joe Simpson is disgusting.