Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hilton Head: Glad I went no hurry to go back though

I had a conference/retreat at Hilton Head Island this past weekend. If you are into golf it is the place for you. If you are into laying on the beach then it is also for you. If you get bored after a day of doing either one of these things then find another place. It is pretty and unlike any beach I have been to, but it is a somewhat boring besides that. The entire place looks as if it was one giant forest that they have carved all of the stores and hotels into. Sounds cool and it kind of is, but driving down the main strip you see tons of trees and all of the stores are so hidden in them that it is impossible to see which one is which. Also you are right on the ocean yet you can't see it at all until you step out onto the beach. It is a good place to visit, but we won't want to buy a summer home any time soon and since neither of us play golf there is no need to.

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