Thursday, December 15, 2005

Charlie Brown, making Christmas merry for 40 years.

More TV news has it that A Charlie Brown Christmas was the 8th most watched show of the week in which it was aired. Not only that, but it was top rated in both the young viewers (2-11) and the more mature (25-54).That is pretty good for a show that is 40 years old and on DVD. Did you watch it? I have it DVRed waiting for the right time to watch it. I also DVRed the Grinch last night. I have a few shows and movies I have to watch this season, just like there are certain horror movies I like to watch during Halloween.

I have to watch Christmas Vacation during this time of year. I would assume that most everyone does. It is a movie that our group of friends could mute the volume and repeat the dialogue from memory. My other must see movie for the Christmas season is Friday After Next. Craig and Day Day are at it again, this time during the Christmas season. It is another one that I could watch without sound and repeat the dialogue from memory. The Toast I believe does not hold this movie quite as close to her heart as I do, when in Rome. So goes my Christmas entertainment tradition: cool Christmas music, cool Christmas cartoons, cool Christmas DVDs and a very cool Christmas night movie in the theaters. A tradition for the ages.

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