Monday, December 12, 2005

A New Idea of What to do with the Family Farm

Diggin' up potatoes? Not in Asia. More like digging up Orcs. Game fars are a new craze taking over Asia. Here are these places where people live and eat and "work." If you call work building up PC game players much in the tradition of Ever Quest. Now the game is Warcraft World. So essentially these people spend all day doing the leg work building up money and weapons for a character on the game. Then they sell the character and repeat. i have heard that if the good people of World Warcraft find out then they delete the character.

Video games are fun, but paying someone to play it for you? C'mon, if you are going to get addicted to a PC game atleast have the decency to do it yourself.

I had a classmate in Med school who nearly flunked out because he was playing Everquest. He ended up selling his junk on ebay and quitting. The price tag: $10,000.

Check out the link for more details on the article and pictures of the compound.

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