Monday, December 19, 2005

New Daddy Diary, Entry #4

How do you handle the unruly people who touch your child? It's not like my son is the Ark of the Covenant, but if you're going to touch a newborn, then you touch him gently.

This weekend was Christmas for our family because my sister-in-law decreed it to be so. My nephew, 3 yrs old, was in typical hyperactive form. He screams, he runs, he chases my cat, etc. And best of all, he listens to no one and no time. I was holding my son, Aiden, when my nephew came grabbing his hands and hitting him in the head with them. Clearly, this is not how you touch a newborn.

As a father (new daddy or not) I wanted to bust the kid's behind because he wouldn't stop. But because his mother is walking the line between normal and witchcraft I didn't want to stir that pot. This post is actually about me being disappointed in myself. Because I should have stirred that pot and worn that child out.

I guess all new parents are protective of their children, but it seems that the other parents in the room should have the good sense to reign their kids in a bit. But these particular parents have no control over this boy. So I now feel challenged. When my brother and sister-in-law throw their hands up and say you can't control them, I want to show them that you can. For goodness sakes, if you can't at least temper the antics of a three year old, you're screwed when he gets older.

Before someone notes this, I expect to fail as a father in some areas. I know that my son will do things to embarass and anger me without question. I'll try to raise him the way I see fit and in a large sense he'll turn out just how he wants. But I know for a fact that consistent discipline and parenting works more times than not. I pray to God daily that I raise my son in the right way. I trust that will help. If need be someday, I'll not be too proud to ask for a young priest, an old priest and healthy jug of holy water. Anything to keep my son from acting like a complete wild animal.

The Power of Christ compels you!!!

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Lady Bird said...

I love this post! Here's my suggestion: You are the father of that dear little Santa, not your in-laws. You have a responsibility to that child to do the best you can by him, and if that means asking another child not to touch or rough house him, then so be it. If that means doing it in front of the other child's mother occasionally, again, so be it. She will either get the hint and control her child, or she won't care, giving you free reign to do what you have to do. I'm not saying that you should turn the child over your knee, just do the least possible to get to the means. As I said, don't worry about it, your not going to hurt the child, and your responsibility is to your child. You have a right to control the immediate environment that your child is in. Good luck! Lady Bird