Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jessica Alba is definite girlfriend material. It's science.

Jessica Alba is the prototype for what the American male wants in a girlfriend according to AskMen.com. AskMen.com has a top 99 list ranking female celebrities on their long term relationship material. “Readers of the online magazine were asked to vote according to the woman they would most want a relationship with, would consider marrying or thought best-suited to be the mother of their children.” Alba is the one, with Sienna Miller and Angelina Jolie at 2 and 3 respectively.

I want to know how all these men know that Alba is mother of your children material. I know nothing about her except that she may be the hottest woman on the planet. I have heard rumors of her alleged sexual past that doesn’t scream soul mate to me, but I am sure we could work things out. She does have a nice heinie, I mean, that thing is good. As weird as Angelina Jolie seems sometimes, she seems to be a true caring person and a good mother, if not a bit of a homewrecker. Sienna Miller would let you cheat on her with the baby-sitter at least one time, perhaps some guys are looking for that kind of woman.

Others in the top ten include: 4. Adriana Lima (Love those eyes.), 5. Maria Menounos, 6. Charlize Theron, 7. Jessica Biel (There she is again, do 50% of the male population know who she is?), 8. Amerie (A singer apparently.), 9. Natalie Portman (Yesssssss, very sexy with the short hair.), and 10. Eva Longoria (She seems like high, high maintenance to me.).

I am not sure what to think of this list. It’s a list of hot chicks but a list of good mates or good moms? Not so sure. This seems to me to be the most useless poll ever in the history of polls. It amazes me the amount of crap that makes news in the country.

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BRATCH said...

The other night I was in bed staring up into the darkness and I just couldn't get to sleep. You know, one of those nights when you just can't stop thinking about something or you are trying to figure something out.

It must have been 3 in the morning and all I could think about was how are they ever going to isolate the gene that determines what kind of earwax a person has?

And when I wasn't thinking about that I was wondering who most men think would be the best celebrity girlfriend?

Earwax yesterday, Jessica Alba today, I'm sleepin' like a mofo tonight my friends.