Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is this the "dreaded" vote of confidence for Invasion?

For those of you who love the show Invasion, it looks like you may be getting another season. ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson called Invasion a "great, great televison show." Does this mean the Invasion fans have nothing to be concerned about? Invasion started off hot but since its debut, it has dropped in the ratings and is not able to hold on to all of Lost's audience.

I think I know why. For all the Lost haters who like to complain about Lost not moving forward or moving fast enough, look at Invasion. It has a soap opera pace, as in the same story happens every episode. The blonde docter asks her husband to tell her the truth about her being a "hybrid" and he does, somewhat. Then the next episode the doctor finds out something else that makes her question her husband and asks for the truth, which he gives her, somewhat. It took over half the season for everyone to kind of get on the same page and agree something weird is going on.

Invasion can stay on, I don't care. But if it goes, I will not be starting any letter writing campaigns or marching on ABC.


BRATCH said...

Invasion is still moving faster than Lost and even when the blonde doctor was getting the run around by the sheriff, other stuff was going on. At least there are a few people on the show who are investigating the problems going on.

In Lost they just wait for something on the island to reveal itself. On Invasion, characters are actually trying to find out what is going on.

When it really comes down to it, both shows are good for the same reasons and bad for the exact same reason.

The flaw in both shows is that they would make better movies than an ongoing TV series. Granted Invasion could keep going because they could continue to deal with the aliens and other things involved with that. On Lost, I guess they could go on with the lives of a character or two, but once they figure a way off the island, the show is over.

They are both pretty much the same show. They are movies that are being stretched out with flashbacks so you can learn something about the characters. Unfortunately, some are more interesting than others.

To me, Invasion figured out a better way to stretch things out since Lost would go weeks without progressing the overall story. They would be nothing but flashbacks.

Piccu said...

What makes you think they are getting off the island? Lost has so many ways to go and Invasion has fight the aliens. Both stories will be drawn out so badly that they will be cancelled with no resolution. That is my guess.

BRATCH said...

By God, if they don't get off that island I'll sue ABC for wasting my valuable time.

By the way, are we going to finish Alias or are they even airing the shows?