Thursday, January 26, 2006

The World Series of Pop Culture

If I were not such a hermit I would find two pop culturally smart guys such as myself and go on a road trip. Linked to the piece is information regarding a new game show that is looking for contestants. They are looking for 15 teams of three to be exact, to compete in The World Series of Pop Culture. If there was a game show that was for me this is it. I have been preparing for this my whole life by stuffing my brain with useless information regarding entertainment and other unimportant areas of society.

The search for the contestants begins in March and is going to LA, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York. The good news for me is that the 16th team will be cast online at vh1. com. Don’t think that I am not going to look into this and perhaps one or two of you will be lucky enough to join my team and ride my brain to the championship.

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