Monday, January 23, 2006

Amy and the Buttafuocos, together again.

Good news, good news, Amy Fisher and the Buttafuocos have signed up for a televised reunion. Man, I have been waiting for this. Unfortunately no television network has agreed to put this circus on TV. I assume agents are shopping the show to the networks as I write.

I hope for the sake of our country’s dignity that this trash does not make it onto prime time network TV. I can see this on E! or Bravo or the Jerry Springer Show, but not on NBC on Thursday night. There cannot be an audience for this. Who has been clamoring for a reunion of these morons? It’s not like they were a beloved threesome that were grieved by the world when they went their separate ways. This isn’t the reunion of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

The only way I would watch this is if the three of them were all to be shot in the kneecaps during some point of the show. Now that smells of ratings. I also believe that it would bring us closer together as a people.

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