Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fugitve caught in Ohio County after worldwide manhunt and a story about me.

Yesterday or the day before there was a daring escape from the Green River Correctional Facility. Apparently somewhere between the hours of 9 PM and 12 AM a convict slipped out of the facility. A manhunt was on. This guy wasn’t in prison for anything crazy, I believe it was burglary. The convict made it to the little town of McHenry and started knocking on doors. He found some helpful people who let him make a couple of collect calls to Ohio, the state, not the county. The cops somehow found out he was at this certain house and tried to capture him but he was a slippery one. He escaped into the woods for the night.

Today I come in to work and the courthouse is abuzz with the news that we caught the escaped convict. It seems that Smarty McSmarty had continued his door knocking, as if he were a girl scout peddling her macaroons. He was given some refreshments at one house before heading back out to continue his walk to, I am assuming, Ohio. Some nice people even stopped and gave him directions to Beaver Dam. Unfortunately for this loser, the daughter of a person whose home he chilled at heard the news about him being on the loose and called the law and he was picked up and returned to his home. Bratch can add anything he knows to this case because I am just writing this from scuttlebutt around the courthouse.

This fool got long distance calls, food and drink, and some directions as he was in the midst of escaping. I dare anyone to say that the nicest people in the world don’t reside in Kentucky.

This reminds me of a time my cousin and I met a special someone at the local bowling alley. We used to hang out there and shoot pool and just loiter when we were younger, basically because there is nothing to do in this town if you are a teen. We started talking to this dude who was in town working construction. He wanted to play some pool, so my cousin, the better player of the two of us, said he would play him a dollar a game. Our new friend whipped him pretty good a couple of games and then we headed outside for a few minutes and then he left. My cousin and I entered the bowling alley minutes later.

We spent so much time there over our lives at this point, that we knew the owner and his wife pretty well. The owner comes up to us and is looking around and he asks us where the guy we were hanging out with had gone. We said we didn’t know. He had just left.

Even though this is a pretty run down looking bowling alley, it did have security cameras and one of them just happened to be in the pool room. We were in there pretty late and Bill, the owner, had been watching the 10 PM news on channel 14. Channel 14 used to have a segment where they would list and show the most wanted fugitives in the state of Indiana. They would pick one or two and give the story on them and give a number to call.

It turns out that on this night they profiled the most wanted fugitive in Indiana. As Bill was watching the TV, but he also kept an eye on the security cams monitors. He then realizes that Mr. Most Wanted is on both of the monitors he is watching. The guy shooting pool with us was the most wanted man in Indiana. Bill had already called the law and I guess when he was talking with them, we and our new best friend finished shooting and went outside. Mr. Most Wanted was an alright guy, didn’t seem like the most wanted man in Indiana. He was full of crap. I remember him telling us about things that you knew he had never done or things he didn’t have, but there are a lot of people like that around. To me he just seemed like good people. I guess Indiana felt differently. What do you expect from a bunch of Yankee Hoosiers?

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