Thursday, January 26, 2006

I WAS DUPED!!!!! --Oprah

Another post about Lady Bird's favorite book "A Million Little lies... I mean Pieces" by James Frey.

The only thing better than going on Oprah Winfrey's show once, is going on twice. Unfortunately for James Frey he went on there because all of his lies caught up to him.


Piccu said...

Oprah needs to listen more to the Chinese and less to some guy from Long Island.

Lady Bird said...

Yeah, I guess her PR guys finally knocked some sense into her head!! I shamefully admit that I watched both shows and I thought it was pretty crapy of Oprah to berade the publisher of the book for reading this book and not "questioning some of the UNBELIEVEABLE" events, such as the visit he made to the dentist for a root canal without novacaine. She (Oprah) went on and on in her first show about how that effected her and she actually felt his pain! Bless her heart! She bought it hook, line and sinker like the rest of us, (I mean what is so unbelievable about a man who is a recovering addict, not being able to use drugs during his recovery?) but then she told the editor/publisher that SHE should have questioned such a blatent, obvious lie! Well I got two things to say to her: (1) HIPPA violation (they couldn't have pried into his medical records legally) and (2) what the hell? she fell for it, I fell for it, millions of readers fell for it--why would the editor pick up on it? WHAT EVER!!