Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Donations for What?

Well, since I am not gainfully employed I have volunteered myself to take up donations for the Green River Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, and let me tell you about this experience.
Big Bird and I are into this whole Ducks Unlimited organization, him because he's a duck hunter, me because I like the decor that the sculptures and prints offer to my house. Although we sponsor the program and attend the dinner/auction every year, we really don't put a lot into it. This year, my husband informs me that I am a committee member because you get some extra perks as an organization if you have so many committee members. Since I am not a fan of being anything in name only, I told him that would be fine, but as a committee member I wanted to be active, so I would go out, in all my new found spare time, and solicit donations for the auction.
Long story short, after spending two full days out in the county begging for the charity of businesses of the community, I have decided that I probably should have stuck to being a committee member in name only. Although I have managed to secure several decent donations from supportive people, I often come away feeling inadequate about my cause. This most often happened when people told me that they'd been overwhelmed with people wanting donations lately, then asked me what my "cause" was. Hurricane victims? No. Spinal bifida? No. AIDS victims? No. Starving children in Cambodia? No. Ducks? YES! Okay, the conversations didn't really go like that, but you get the idea.
Don't get me wrong, I feel that the preservation of the wetlands is important (although, if I were being honest with myself, I would have to admit that I am probably more interested in the decor than the cause---I know, I'm Satan), it doesn't seem to hold a candle to all the other important issues we face in America, or in the world.
Again, don't get me wrong, I don't regret doing this because I feel like I've done the best I can for a good cause, but the bottom line is, there are great causes out there that I am not putting hours and hours into helping, and maybe I should begin thinking about which ones of those are important to me, and begin laboring a little for them (though maybe not in this same fashion--I am pretty sure, or at least I hope, that my donation soliciting days are coming to a screeching halt---immediately following the completion of this commitment).
Anyhow--that's what I've been up to between sporadically working when a school calls me to sub for them!
I hope all is having a great week!
Lady Bird

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BRATCH said...

While I appreciate what Ducks Unlimited does, you have to laugh at the idea.

What are they trying to accomplish?

Preserve wetlands and marsh areas that are necessary habitat for waterfowl.

Why are they doing this?

So they can hunt and kill the waterfowl that live in those wetland areas.

Sorry, that just struck me as funny.