Friday, January 19, 2007

See, I'm not crazy for playing Halo...

I stumbled across this article on Yahoo and there is no doubt why it's popular. I'm sure most 13 year-old online gamers printed it out to give to their parents.

Anyway, it basically says that doctors feel that playing video games improves a person's well-being. So that validates my and The Don's online Halo battles we've been engaging in recently. We are simply trying to give ourselves a feel good buzz.

However, while I would like to think that I do this for my own good, I actually do it so I can kill people. Every now and again you simply need to do some killin'. It helps to keep you from snapping and doing some killin' in the real world.

And where we live, guns are easy to come by. Everyone should be killin' strangers online.

See you in Danger Canyon on Halo.


my_merlin77 said...

Yeah, and the only thing all of the major school shootings had in common were playing first person shooters.

Piccu said...

What high school kid doesn't play first person shooters? That's like saying all major school shootings were commited by kids who watched MTV.

BRATCH said...

First person shooters don't kill people, people kill people.

I can't remember exactly how the story went and what Senator spoke out about it, but there was a school shooting a year or maybe more ago that a Senator blamed on first person shooter video games. I think it was Hilary Clinton.

Anyway, this Senator said that video game made this kid commit this crime.

What she didn't factor into consideration was that both of this kid's parents abused him and were both alcoholic drug addicts that were doing time in prison. I also remember something that this kid was a Native American living on one of the poorest reservations in the country.

But abusive alcoholic drug addicts for parents doesn't factor into the equation, he was fine until he got a hold of a copy of Halo.