Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pissed about the Descent

I just heard the scoop on the DVD of the Descent; allegedly it is not the same as the in theater movie. I heard that it was the director's cut and that it is NOTHING like the other version. For starters, I have heard that is so much gorier on DVD. This really bugs me because that was the beauty of the movie in the theater; it was so scary in the theater without all of that. I thought it was brilliant pull off a real thriller without gore. The other thing I heard is that the ending is completely different. I am actually not as bothered by this because the ending sounds pretty good. I guess it looks like the director did a fair job with the movie, but he editor made the whole thing work. Clearly, I need to see it now on DVD, but I just couldn't hold out that long to explode on the blog!!!!

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Piccu said...

Before you go on a murderous rampage, I think that there are two dvd versions of The Descent, one that is unrated and another that is R-rated. I have seen two separate dvd cases and one says unrated so I would think that that one is the one you hate, even though you haven't seen it, and the other one is your favorite.

Slow your roll. Since you have already seen it, watch the unrated and tell us how it is. This is a movie that could be a Scary Movie Marathon 2007 nominee because Bratch and I haven't seen it and it sounds like it is pretty good.