Monday, January 22, 2007

The Bombay Gunrunners are in the air.

Click the link to be whisked away to the homepage of the Bombay Gunrunners. Who are the Bombay Gunrunners? Well, Bratch and I and our cousin Ladybird and her husband Sleeping Boy are the Bombay Gunrunners. We got together this past weekend and recorded our first podcast. The podcast is a view of a small-town and a view from a small-town on the things that affect our lives and the things we let affect our lives. In the premiere episode the BGRs talk about a daring OC prison break, a stupid OC arsonist, Sleeping Boy's costly softball tournament, 24, American Idol, the University of Kentucky basketball's worst senior class, and our future world domination.

I have already listened to the show and I thought there were definitely some things we could do better (THE AUDIO), but I thought there was some pretty funny stuff. I enjoyed listening to myself, but that's a given. I think we will get some more mics set up and try to nail down a better format or structure. We hope to continue to record on Saturday and with little to no post production, I hope we have the episode up Sunday or Monday. The schedule could need some adjusting due to our extensive travels for road trips and summer vacations, but Saturdays seem to be recording days.

I hope to have theme shows and perhaps comedy sketches and fun stuff that we like and hope you will like. Bear with us and grow with us and you might be able to tell your friends I was a Bombay Gun Runner before they were cool. Or we could flame out after episode 3. I'm betting on the latter. With that being said, I see us only getting better.

I really hope that if you enjoy reading this blog that you will check out the podcast. Click the link or go to to download it. We would also appreciate any comments or feedback you have. You can post it here in the comments or email us at I know it is a long name, but it sounds pretty cool.


BRATCH said...

After checking the show stats we have had eight "requests" for our show. Requests are supposedly downloads so there are at least eight people that have downloaded our show.

Laura said...

congratulations on your first episode!

i like the part about julie's nails.

BRATCH said...

Laura, you have the greatest blog name ever. I thought Piccu and I were the only ones who used the phrase "stuff like that there."

Julie will be happy to hear that you like Julie's nails. I guess we'll have to have s segment called Julie's Makeover Minute.

my_merlin77 said...

I'm looking forward to this. I'll check it out tonight.

BRATCH said...

You had better subscribe ya punk.

my_merlin77 said...

Ok, I listened to the show and I really liked it. I think that it may actually translate into something good enough to be enjoyed by someone not in on the inside jokes.

Now, how do I subscribe and what does that mean?

BRATCH said...

I'll probably add it to iTunes next week or so depending on how we fix a bit of the audio issues.

To subscribe go to the website and click on "archives." When that pops up you'll either see little links that say "open in itunes" and open in other programs, but iTunes is the one you want. They might be little icons too, they were the first time I clicked on it but not now for some reason.

Anyway, when you click on it, iTunes will pop up and it will download the file and you'll officially be subscribed. Therefore, assuming all goes as expected, as soon as I upload the next show iTunes will download it automatically when you open it up. Depending on what settings you have.

But either way, all you'll have to do is open iTunes and you can get the show without having to go to the website and dig around for the file.

BRATCH said...

To clarify, I haven't added it to iTunes where you can actively search for it in the podcast section of the iTunes Store. But iTunes can still subscribe to any podcast and download it regardless of whether or not it has been added to iTunes.