Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cure your winter blahs by checking out cool movie trailers.

I may have spoken too soon about my post holiday blahs. I just got back from a Mexican lunch and am too stuffed to try to work too hard so I decided to check out the Yahoo movie trailers page. I’m glad I did, there are some amazing looking movies coming out in the very near future.

We have the trailer for Spiderman 3. It looks amazizizing. We have Sandman, a new Goblin, and Venom all in one flick. It’s opening May 4th.

We have a movie called 300 that looks to be the most bada#* movie of the year. It looks to be about nothing but straight up killing. The premise is 300 Spartan warriors taking on a huge Persian army. Watch the trailer, it gave me chills. It opens on March 9th.

We have Live Free or Die Harder, I know, I know, this movie has the ability to be a real suck fest, but I love the Die Hard series. I believe Die Hard Original Recipe may have been my first R-rated movie. It may suck, but I will be there. It opens on June 29th.

We have Transformers to look forward to. Now this isn’t some cartoon movie, check out the trailer, it looks great. The CGI looks fine and it is a Michael Bay production so you know everything will be blown to smithereens. As a bonus to hardcore Transformer fans, I just read that Peter Cullen, who was the voice of Optimus Prime in the cartoons, will be back for the movie version Optimus. It opens on 7-4-7.

For the kids and the kids at heart we have Shrek the Third. The trailer looks pretty good and I am psyched to see that Puss ‘N’ Boots is back, although I am disappointed that Justin Timberlake has been added to the mix. I will probably see it anyway. It opens on May 18th.

We have a movie I had never heard about until I just saw it in the top trailers on Yahoo. It is a movie called Shooter. It appears to be a conspiracy/frame-up/revenge killing movie. The cast appears to be top notch, Marky Mark not withstanding. I know Bratch will be lined up for this flick. Two words, Rhona Mitra. It opens March 16th.

Another movie I had not heard about was The Kingdom. It looks to be a political/terrorist type movie with a team of FBI agents searching for a bomber in Saudi Arabia. Jamie Foxx, Justin Bateman, and (woo woo woo woo) Jennifer Garner all star. This opens April 20th.

Now we are to the movie I am most looking forward to, Grindhouse. This movie will be two movies, one from Quentin Tarantino and one from Robert Rodriguez with some fake trailers in between. The movies look bad, but in a good way. They are 70’s cheesy exploitation movies and everyone needs to see them for no other reason than Rodriguez said this could become a franchise and they would do kung fu, sexploitation, blaxplotiation and other movies. Sounds excellent to me. This movie is set in the horror genre and both look appetizing. It opens on April 6th.

I have linked Yahoo’s trailers page to this piece, so if you have some time to kill, check these trailers out.


Orelinde_03 said...

I am interested in seeing the new Spiderman flick. I may just have to go check out the Die Hard movie, but won't get my hopes up.

Sorry, but I just can't psyche myself up for a Transformers movie, but I am sure with the artistic people behind it, should rock.

There is a new Clive Owen movie that is about to open this week which is captivating me. And I still want to see The Good Shepard.

Piccu said...

Is that Clive Owen movie called Children of Men? I saw that trailer and it looks very Mad Max like, but I am not that excited for it.

There was a great piece in Premiere magazine in the Jan/Feb issue about how that trailer gives too much away and then goes into the details of making a trailer and what should or should not be shown in a trailer.

Maybe you have to be a boy geek to be excited about the Transformers. I remember watching all the cartoons and spending millions of dollars of my parents' and grandparents' money on the toys.

Orelinde_03 said...

Yes, it is "Children of Men"...opens this weekend. Also "Freedom Writers" looks interesting, but I am sure that will go the way of "Stand & Deliver" or "Dangerous Minds".

I was more in to He-Man, Princess of Power, Thunder Cats. I do remember watching Transformers almost every day as a kid, but it wasn't one that stayed with me.

I hope that it lives up to your expectations, the movie. I am sure it will rock with those people who had put it together. :-)