Thursday, January 25, 2007

New military "ray gun" needs home version

Where in the world can I get my hands on one of these things?

The military has come up with a new weapon in the war on... Killing, I guess. It is their new "ray gun" and I hope they can come up with a better name and classification for that matter. "Ray gun" sounds so 1950's.

Anyway, this particular device when aimed and fired at enemy soldiers gives them the sensation that they are about to burst into flames. All I gotta say is 'that's awesome.'

The only chink in the armor is that essentially our soldiers will be out on a battlefield in a 2-story tall Hummer that only makes enemies THINK they are going to burst into flames instead of actually making them burst into flames. Whereas the enemy will be unloading AKs at the gigantic non-lethal target sitting atop a Hummer.

I still hope they make a hand-held civilian version, that would be loads of fun.

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