Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Killin' time...

I’m waiting for my freshly proof read sports to come back to me so I’m killing some time with some thoughts from the morning.

Prison break...

First off, we had a prisoner leave the jail yesterday here in the OC. By "leave," I mean escape. And by "escape," I mean he walked out of the “employees only” door in the kitchen. This really isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s kind of funny.

Most people look at something like this like it’s just the worst thing ever, but what we’ve all found out about the inmates in our jail is that they don’t have much ambition once they make the escape. He’ll ultimately get picked up at his grandmother’s house eating biscuits and gravy or something. We had an escapee from the minimum security prison in the next county that made his way up to the OC and after being on the run for less than 24 hours he was eating bugs and trying to survive like he was weeks on the run. He tried to lam, but they cheesed him.

Obama for president...

I’ve discussed this with The Don this morning and he doesn’t see Barack Obama as standing a snowball’s chance in hell of being our next president. And sadly, he’s probably right.

Anyway, Senator Barack Obama filed papers to form an exploratory committee to see if he should run for president. I actually watched a couple of videos on his website and I gotta tell you, he’s got everything going for him. He speaks on another level and seems to be one of those guys that can make you feel like you are the only person in the room when shakes your hand.

At first I wondered if his political experience would be a factor, but through his professional life he’s worked at the grassroots level all the way up to Senate where he is now. There might not be years and years of big government experience there, but I’m sure that there are many in Washington who are legislating against grassroots efforts because they think they’ll be helping the war on drugs.

Unfortunately, Obama has two things going against him. One is that he’s black. As sad as it is to say, there are some ignorant and closed-minded people in this country and when you throw them in with the Republicans as far as voting goes, they are a majority.

The other problem he has is his name is Barack Obama. While I honestly believe his name helps us in international diplomacy, it’s hurts when it comes to the aforementioned ignorant voters.

However, I do believe he’ll run for president and right now he’s the hottest politician on the planet. He can appeal to young voters and minorities and he could win if the voters turn out. Low voter out turn beats him, but high voter turn out wins it for him.

I’ll be voting for him.

Huge train fire in Kentucky...

A gigantic fire broke out when a train derailed in Sheperdsville, Ky. yesterday. The Associated Press called the fire “massive” which is to be expected when you are talking about train cars loaded with liquid propane.

Flames 500 feet in the air. That, my friends, is a helluva blaze. If I had known that the fire was that big, I literally would have considered trying to go see it.

They had to evacuate homes and an elementary school and shut down 18 miles of I-65. I’m wondering if the strip club next the elementary school was evacuated?

And no, I’m not kidding.


Travis said...


When you've got more time than I have now, go to this link and see about Obama. I would need to review his voting record and things before I'd say the only thing against him is his color and his name.

People have been enamored with his speeches, and he's certainly a good orator, but that doesn't mean he'd be a good president.

BRATCH said...

The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day he'll have 150 advisers telling him ever possible angle of every decision he'll have to make just like every president for the last 30 years. At the end of the day all we are voting for his the guy that can give us the best speech.

He voted against same sex marriage and he seems to be against the war and isn't flip-flopping. Which is all it takes to get elected.

And let's not forget that just because he or anyone else votes yes or no on an issue that doesn't mean the issue is that cut and dry. Everything can be spun, and skimming over his voting record, there isn't anything on there that really stands out as ridiculously bad. And like I said, we don't know the reasoning behind the votes despite everyone thinking they've got it figured out by simply seeing the "y" or the "n".

Travis said...

I'm thinking it would take me well over an hour to really skim over his voting record. Because the title of a bill doesn't really tell you much about it.

Advisors are appointed by the president. So while he may have 150 people telling him what to do, it doesn't mean a hill of beans if those people are all idiots.

I'm not that worried about the presidential election just yet. It is almost two years away, after all. I think Obama is a potential player, but remember that the Democratic party is the party of the Clintons. So he may not even make it through the caucuses.

Piccu said...

I really do not believe that the Dems will win if Hilary or Obama are the candidate. Unfortunatly, I am not sure that there is anyone else the Dems could put foward that has more buzz about them. Perhaps Edwards, but he is a far third right now.

As bad as the GOP has been doing lately, I think that if they put McCain out there, he will get it. He is just left enough of far right on some issues to gain moderate support. However, if he coninues to suck up to the far right as it seems he is doing now, he will lose all the cool factor he had gotten by opposing some of the GOP's positions.

In the end it won't matter, we the people will not factor into any decisions that are made by the commander in chief. Look at some of the decisions being made these days. Money talks and the people have to walk.

BRATCH said...

Well, the people all pretty much knew that our current president's advisers were idiots and he was re-elected.

In fact that was the main reason I voted against Bush. His political machine is broken so much that he lost half the country's confidence even after bringing us through 9/11. And the people still chose him which is why I don't think Obama stands a chance of being elected.

However, the one thing Obama has going for him is that if there ever was a candidate young people would get behind it's him. Unfortunately young people are unreliable.

my_merlin77 said...

I think it is interesting, that the two primary Democrats are African-American and female. That alone will turn many, many people off. It's really unfortunate, but I don't think people are ready to see past those things at this point. I think that otherwise there are a lot of Republicans out there willing to vote democrat or maybe I should say a lot of fence riders (myself included)who are ready to vote democrat. I think good ole' Rudy G will be a real contender with all of the 911 publicity; even if he did pull a stunt with his marriage.

Piccu said...

I am not sure Rudy G can get the nomination because he is too liberal on some core GOP issues. He loves gays and loves choices so that right there is pretty much a deal breaker for Repubs.

I think you are right, unfortunately about Obama and Clinton, which leads me to believe that the Dems best shot might be Ol' Lockbox himself, Al Gore. He has kept himself in the spotlight lately by trumpeting the environmental cause and let's face it, the last time he ran, he did win the popular vote.

Gore seems to have learned his lesson from last time and is just being himself. He is showing a sense of humor and is not basically a tree in a suit. It never fails to surprise me how great candidates look after they lose a presidential election. Bob Dole was great on the talk show circuit after Clinton beat him. Where was that on the campaign trail?

When it all comes down to the final two, I'm afraid we will be left with the same thing we have gotten for a while now, having to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Travis said...

Bratch, you made my point for me. You can say that it doesn't matter because the president will pick advisors and they will be the ones that basically make all the decisions. But the problem is, who we elect will choose those advisors. So it STILL matters very much what Obama's voting record is and what his beliefs are. I would feel refreshed if a candidate ran on a platform of core beliefs and voting record rather than slander and mudslinging. But as divided as this country is politically, those days are history.

As for Rudy G, I think he's got a chance, but you have to remember that he wasn't that popular in NYC before 9/11. Then he became "America's Mayor". But Rudy is abrasive and as piccu said, he's not at all conservative.

As a Republican I don't like what we've gotten with Bush because he's only conservative morally.

I think McCain seems like a good choice right now. Ex-military with an idea of where to go in the War on Terror and has a pretty solid conservative base. Yes he has been pandering to the far right, but politically he has to do that right now.

BRATCH said...

I can see how voting records come in to play, but what kind of voting record did Bush have coming into his first term? He was a governor and all we know about his stint as governor was that he was a baseball fan and we shouldn't "mess with Texas."

The silly thing about all of this is that if you took all of the prospective candidates out there, the winner is going to be the one that doesn't publicly screw up and who looks and sounds the best.

We can argue about Obama all we want, but the fact of the matter is 90 percent of the voters out there know only what they see on TV about the candidates. They aren't going to dig into their voting records, they aren't going to dig into Rudy G's marital dealings. They are going to watch the candidates on TV for maybe 30 minutes to an hour.

That's honestly the thing I hate the most about this whole situation. All of the things we are discussing don't matter. He's black and he's asking ignorant redneck Arab-fearing crackers to put a check next the name "OBAMA."

What do you think is going happen?

Travis said...

I'm sure no one else is looking at this post anymore, but having reviewed Obama and his support/opposition to the various interest groups in Washington I can say with confidence he's a typical liberal democrat.

Anti-Immigration Reform
Anti-Tax Reform

Review the vote-smart website yourself, but I got some answers I needed.

Piccu said...

Every conservative will label every Dem as a typical liberal, just as every Dem would label every GOP candidate as a typical conservative. Look at McCain, up until the last few months he looked anything but a typical conservative, but once he needs something he becomes one. The parties only want typical candidates to run for president, otherwise their constituents would not vote for anyone.

All candidates have their masters to serve, it is up to us to wade through the crap to find which one won't screw up the country the most when in office.

I am like Bratch in that I do not think that voting record plays even a moderate part in voting for a candidate. Bush had no voting record, neither did Clinton. Like Bratch said whoever seems to be the least of a liar and the more charismatic will probably win this thing.

Travis said...

Whether it's voting record or what they did running their state's as the governor, the fact of the matter is that their political history is the best indicator of what they really believe in.

I'll grant you that every politician has their "master to serve" but its whether they consistenly toe the party line or they stand on their principals. It appears that Mr. Obama toes the party line more often than not.

And it's the percentages of times he voted in favor of those liberal interest groups like the ACLU and NAACP that is bothersome. I think it was 100% for each of them. That tells me that he's in full support of each of those organizations and considering the lunacy of those two organizations at times, that's a bit disconcerting.

Obama has also refused to answer a survey on what he stands for. Even at the behest of some other candidates. Why would someone be so guarded about their own political beliefs when they want to run the country? Perhaps because one knows that those beliefs are not popular.