Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's quiz time for you music fans!

Click the link to be taken away to a site with an album cover quiz. I should tell you that most of the covers seem to be rock to metal albums, but some should be easy to come up with if you study them closely. I wish they had a magnifying option so that you could look closer, but it is still fun.

There are 54 album covers and so far I have guessed 26 of them. I must admit that I half cheated on three as I knew the band, but not the name of the album and I looked on Amazon for the answer. And unlike some of the past quizzes I have posted, this one will provide you with the answers after you get tired of trying. Good luck and enjoy!!!


Travis said...

Seven...I got seven. I knew artists on a whole lot more of them, but I just couldn't recall album titles.

Piccu said...

I knew the Motorhead cover was Motorhead but I had no idea on the title. I think my misspent youth of being a metal head helped me get over half correct. Not to mention I own most of the ones I got right.