Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bombay Gunnrunner Suggestion Box

After listening to two of the BGRs podcast, I have come up with some topic suggestions:

1. Jumped the shark--when did different TV shows jump the shark (this making reference to Fonzie jumping the shark on Happy Days, hence when the series hit rock bottom)

2. Lost Theories

3. Greatest family Wedding, bachleor/bachelorette parties, receptions (in honor of Valentines Day)

4. A little section called "There is nothing funnier than the time Jeremy........."

5. Worst Movies of all time-- especially seen in theater if you walked out


Piccu said...

Normally I would dismiss your suggestions with extreme prejudice, but you actually have a few good ones. We will take them into consideration and perhaps we will get Jeremy on the air. Maybe he is the "it" factor to push us to 100,000 listeners.

As for your suggestion for Valentine's Day, I have already been working on something for that, in addition to your suggestion. I would like to do something fun and theme-y on several podcasts if possible.

We on the podcast will accept any and all suggestions from listeners. We are still feeling our way around this thing and I expect things to still be this way on podcast 10. I think it will take a little time to see exactly what we want to be.

We have discussed that perhaps on the next show we would just have two or three topics and just go where ever they take us. Because as you can easily hear we get distracted and off topic quite a bit.

my_merlin77 said...

Make a list of ten, if you don't make it through who cares; do it next time