Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's like when cavemen and dinosaurs were knockin' about.

Have you seen this thing yet? I saw this article on Yahoo! and it is about a weird shark that was captured/killed in Japan. It is called a frilled shark and it is a type of shark that is rarely seen by anyone apparently. An official at the park where the frilled shark was taken after being found said that moving pictures of a live specimen are “extremely rare.” The frilled shark was also referred to as a “living fossil” in the article because this animal has changed so little from prehistoric times.

Here is a picture of this “living fossil.” Well, it is a dead fossil now because it died soon after it was caught and brought to a Japanese marine park. Yikes. Here is one from the side, those with weak hearts may want to not look at this one. That is the most frightening thing I have seen since Britney stopped wearing underwear.

I would hate to meet up with one of these dudes in the ocean. I would much rather be attacked by a shark I recognized. At least as I was being chomped and killed, I could be making peace with the world and my maker instead of thinking, "WTF is this thing!?!?" In fact if I had my druthers, I would like to be killed by a hammerhead shark. They are the coolest looking sharks anyway.

But enough about me, stay out of the water and stay safe. But if you have to go into the ocean, keep your head on a swivel in case something jumps off in there.

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