Thursday, January 04, 2007

Leroy Jenkins leads the way...

This is a clip from YouTube of course and it's really funny especially if you are a gamer.

It's a video capture of an online battle of Worlds of Warcraft. I think that's the game. It's a strategy D & D type game, but you have to fight stuff too.

Anyway, there are a bunch of dudes ready to go into this room full of dragons and dragon eggs and they are planning their attack. And when I mean planning I'm talking about number crunching the surviving probabilities and stuff like that. They have headsets so you can hear the dudes talking which is much better than typing it out like we used to do it.

So what ends up happening is this one dude named Leroy Jenkins is kind of sitting outside of the group and while the leader of the group is forming his strategy Leroy literally jumps up off of the floor as says, "Alright, times up. Let's do this." Then proceeds to run into battle with no help from anyone behind the battle cry of "LEEEEROOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIIIIIINS!"

Then there is a short pause and you hear someone say "Oh my god, he just ran in." And they all run in well after Leroy and get slaughtered in a hail of cursing and dragons.

Then toward the end of the massacre they are bashing Leroy and he's trying to defend himself. And finally all that's left is the gamers talking and a gazillion dragons flying around their dead bodies. I don't think they had enough man power going in and I don't think Leroy killed a single dragon, but the battle cry is well worth it.

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Piccu said...

From now on that will be my new battle cry. LEROOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY AH GENE-KINS!!!!!!!

Seeing this video makes me realize how much I miss dominating people and making them cry when we used to play games like this.