Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cheese it!! It's the cops!!

Over my extra long holiday break, after I watched my Christmas dvds, I watched a series of shows on VH1 Classic on the best songs of the 80’s. Of course The Police had a song on there, Every Breath You Take, and they discussed how much the band actually hated each other. Well, maybe hated each other may be a strong term, but there is plenty of history about their many squabbles that led to their disbanding. On the show, Bret Michaels, of Poison, lamented that The Police would probably never get back together again.

Well Bret, you apparently are wrong. It seems, according to Yahoo, that The Police are reuniting to tour England and the U.S. The 30th anniversary of the release of their best song, Roxanne, is this year and A & M Records is planning some events to celebrate it and are hoping a tour will be part of the celebration. It seems that there have been tentative talks and things seem to be going fairly well.

I can’t imagine being able to see The Police live. This concert would seem to be one of those can’t miss opportunities. Especially considering many thought they would never get back together. If they come relatively close, I would imagine I would have to be there. I only hope that tickets won’t be $1000 but in today’s concert ticket price climate I can’t imagine I will be able to see this show for less than $125. I have paid more for less historic shows so I imagine that this might be my one concert I go to this year.

Now if I can just get Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin back together and on tour, my life will be complete.

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