Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's trailer time again!

It’s trailer time and I have a few for you to check out today, but if you click the title link, you will get a piece from Yahoo on the year in movies for 2007. It looks like 2007 with be the year of the sequel. On to the trailers.

The first is a trailer for Will Ferrell’s new movie called Blades of Glory. This is a figure skating movie in which Ferrell and John “Napoleon Dynamite” Heder are rivals who get banned from competing in singles competition and join forces to skate in doubles competition. I have to say as someone who loves Will Ferrell at his dumbest, this trailer does not impress me whatsoever. Check it out for yourself.

The next trailer is for a movie called The Lookout and it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It appears to be a double crossing, bank heist gone wrong movie. This trailer does intrigue me, unlike Blades of Glory. By the way, if you haven’t checked out the movie Brick also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you have to see it. It is film noir in the 21st century at its best.

The movie Disturbia seems to be trying to be the Rear Window of the 21st Century. It stars Shia Lebeouf as someone on house arrest who watches his neighbors 24/7. He of course sees something that he shouldn’t have. Check out the trailer and then watch Hitchcock’s Rear Window. This movie is my favorite of all time. It will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

For the last trailer this week we have Hannibal Rising. Yes it is the prequel to all the Hannibal Lechter movies and we really don’t need it. This movie does not interest me at all and the trailer looks boring. Instead of seeing this, see Manhunter starring Gil Grissom himself, William Peterson. Red Dragon was the remake of Manhunter in a kinda/sorta way. Manhunter is the true first Hannibal Lechter film and it has no Anthony Hopkins. Bryan Cox plays Lechter in Manhunter and does a pretty good job.

Sorry I couldn’t scrape up some better trailers, but maybe something will strike your fancy. Enjoy!!!!

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