Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Lost getting lost sooner than you think?

As the networks begin to get their regular TV schedule, back on schedule, you pick up some news on some of the shows returning. I saw these articles on USA Today’s Pop Blog. The articles are about Bratch’s favorite show, Lost. In these articles, the producers and writers of the show talk about finding an end point to the story. I guess we are to assume that as of this time, they have no idea how they are going to end the show. That doesn’t scare me as much as it would some others because these people are obviously smart enough to write with a vague ending in sight and when the time comes they can fit all that has happened into the ending of the story.

That is not the biggest news coming out of these articles, although Bratch I’m sure is just glad to know that an ending is at least being considered. The producers also talked about the actual ending of the series. As in, perhaps 100 episodes, meaning likely year 5 of the series. The producers have even gone so far as tell the ABC that they can find someone else to do the show if the network doesn’t want to end Lost when they are ready. I like their thinking, although ABC will do whatever it takes to keep this show going as long as it pulls in ads and money.

This news kind of makes me hope that the ratings will go down and ABC will have no problem ending this show. I want an end and I don’t want it to stretch out over 10 seasons. For a show like Lost, which has a mythology, it would be too hard to keep coming up with interesting ways to hold an audience’s attention in season 9. I think we have gotten beyond my greatest fear of the show crapping out and ABC pulling it before we find out what is going on. I think that Lost has gone far enough and gained enough fans to warrant a real series ender and not a quick yanking in mid season.

What ever is decided, I will continue to watch because they got their hooks in me. I will say that I am no where near as excited about Lost’s return as I was for the return of 24 or American Idol: The Crap Singers Edition. I think maybe my interest is waning and I know others has already waned and wandered off to Criminal Minds on CBS. You know what could bring back all these wandering viewers? Lost, the final season. Who wouldn’t come back and want to get all the answers to their questions for the last 3 years.


BRATCH said...
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BRATCH said...

Lost is the most frustrating show ever. If this story about how they aren't sure how to end the show doesn't hurt ratings at all, then they could drag it out for 15 years.

Think about it, this story basically told everyone that they kinda, sorta have an ending in mind, but not really.

That pretty much officially shows the viewers that the writers are wandering aimlessly through episodes with no particular rhyme or reason. I guess that's why when the writers are asked questions about the show they respond with more questions because that all they are working with anyway.

I'll still watch simply because we all get together to watch this piece of crap over at Big Kev's.

But apparently ratings are high because viewers actually think everything going on is for a reason and at this point it obviously isn't. At least according to the writers.

Piccu said...

If you read on after I said they are looking for an end point, you would have seen where the creators want to end Lost sooner rather than later and have already told ABC that they will leave if the netowrk doesn't end it when they feel it should end. I think that would hurt ABC more than anything. For Lost to be taken over by some guys from What About Brian won't fly with Lost fans.

I think while the show will still continue to frustrate the feeble minded, the writers will begin to wrap things up over the next two years or so.

Orelinde_03 said...

I kind of have a feeling that this may be their last season. I know the ratings have dropped considerably. And if you watch the promo's for the return of the new episodes, it looks like they may be wrapping things up.

Piccu said...

That would be big. I haven't seen any of the promos because Lost is probably the only ABC show I watch. I would like to think they would give us a heads up that this is the last, but stranger things have happened.

my_merlin77 said...

Lost is just another alias. They take a good show and drag it beyond all reason and then canned. It will happen to Lost. I am already DVRing both lost and Criminal Minds and if it gets drug out more, will just stick with Criminal Minds. I mean if it really is that good of a show and I regret it, then they'll have the DVD out the week after the season ends.

Piccu said...

I have to admit that I enjoy Criminal Minds more than Lost right now. Maybe because I don't have to think or keep up with 50 characters.

I think there are many Lost viewers like you who would rather wait until the season is over and then just watch it all on DVD. It would be easier to keep up with the storylines with no breaks.

I am not sure it will turn into Alias which was a victim of moving around to six different times and nights in its run and the producers trying to get more people in on it. I was fine with sticking with mythology and screw new viewers. But I see how that could have ended Alias' run even sooner.

I just miss Jen Garner. We need her. Hell, I need her. I'm a mess without her. I miss her so damn much. I miss being with her, I miss being near her. I miss her smile. I miss her scent; I miss her musk. When this all gets sorted out, I think she and I should get an apartment together.

my_merlin77 said...

I think it's time to up the olanzapine.