Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pilates is for Pansies

As part of the world's most popular New Year's Resolution, losing weight, my wife and I bought a Pilates video. I was intending for her to use it, but it became quickly evident that she thought I should do it with her. So I agreed to do so.

So last night we got out our mats and put the DVD on. At work the girls had advised me that it was mostly stretching and breathing. RIGHT!

It was more like torture and masochism. The thirty minute video actually went by rather quickly but after running about a mile and a half that morning I can safely say the Pilates was much more difficult.

First of all, there is a lot of stretching and it's embarassing how stiff and inflexible I am. I look forward to becoming more flexible as we continue to do it.

Second some things were downright strenuous without having any impact moves at all. You're not supposed to sweat with Pilates. But if you get a fat man and tell him to grab his ankles and "scoop his tummy" then you're going to see him sweat.

Third is the ridiculously joyous look on the the How she can do these things and smile is beyond me and nearly infuriating.

We're going to keep doing it. I believe it will be very beneficial in addition to our healthier diet and combined with my morning runs. But I will never, ever laugh at Pilates.


Piccu said...

How dare you say Pirates are for pansies. Pirates are cool, just look at Johnny Depp.

Wait a minute, that's PILATES, oh, that changes things. Pilates are for pansies.

Orelinde_03 said...

Pilates is not something to joke about. I once bought a DVD that came with rubber resistance bands to assist with the stretching. Uh yeah....the band was so OLD that it snapped in use, and nailed me in the face.

THAT, my friend was the end to my pilates adventure.

Starting any new exercise will make you sweat, even if you're physically active in other activities. (1) You're using different muscles, (2) the body gets used to doing the same type of exercise so this is something new.

Good luck and I applaude you for sticking to this. :-)