Monday, June 26, 2006

World Cup Fever!? Count me in.

Yep, yet another poster on the Affect coming out in favor of the world's most popular sport.

If you've watched more than 10 minutes of any World Cup 2006 match and still are not a fan, check you pulse or hold a mirror under your nose. This is great, great stuff. And it's not just becaue there are 40,000 crazed maniacs in the stands. The skill level of your average World Cup participant is so far off the scale it boggles the mind. Mexico's lone goal in their 2-1 OT loss to Argentina is a great example.

To throw a ball with accuracy takes talent. To kick a ball with accuracy takes more talent. To "head" a ball with accuracy takes something I frankly ain't got.

This Cup has gotten me so excited I'm organizing a little friendly soccer match here in my town. That's right. I'm going to play soccer. I love it. It's now my third favorite sport behind basketball and football (that's football) and ahead of baseball and golf. Sorry baseball fans, but when people call soccer boring then tell me they watch baseball on TV I have to laugh.

But here's what I don't get. Why are people so passionate in their dislike for soccer? Honestly, if I'm listening to a call in show and they're discussing a sport I don't care about, I turn the channel. If they're discussing soccer, someone's calling in and they're going to go off. I just don't get that. If you like it, great. If you don't like it, fine. Why do people feel the need to campaign against soccer? If you've got answers I want to hear them. Until then, viva fifa.


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Piccu said...

I enjoy a little soccer from time to time, but a little goes a long way. I find that I watch most of my soccer while working out. The TV is in front of me and I have to watch something and MTV is worse than anything, so I find myself on ESPN watching soccer.

I don't think people dislike soccer, they hate it, they loathe it. It is as if they take soccer as a personal affront to their sensibilities. It is crazy, but not as crazy as soccer fans murdering a ref after a blown call. Viva la futbol, at least every four years.

Travis said...

I can't stand beach volleyball, but I'm not verbally assaulting anyone over it.

It's one of two things in my mind. Either A) Americans are so "big time" minded that they can't handle soccer's low scores. This is the same logic that makes people love home runs and slam dunks more than clutch singles and backdoor cuts. The latter are much more appreciated by the purists.
or B) we're threatened by the possibility that we aren't the best at something. This should be getting easier to swallow the more we lose baseball, basketball, and world titles.