Monday, June 26, 2006

Producer Dallas Austin picked the wrong country to sniff and/or smoke up in.

Ever heard of a producer in the music biz named Dallas Austin? Well, you may not hear anything from him for about two years. Apparently Mr. Austin was traveling to supermodel Naomi Campbell’s three day birthday bash in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Why Dubai? I have no idea. He went through airport security and then realized he had forgotten something on the plane. so he ran back to get it and when he came back, security decided to look at him a little further. Somewhere, on his person or in his urine or blood, security found a small amount of drugs. Dallas Austin is now in a Dubai prison and is looking at about two years in prison for wanting to smoke it up with Naomi.

Of all the places to travel to with drugs, why would he do this? Had no one ever told him about drug laws in foreign countries? I guess he never saw the movie Midnight Express. They can charge you with possession even if you took drugs before you entered their country. In fact, you can be sentenced from 4 to 15 years for even having drugs you can buy over the counter in the US. Even though an official said Austin would probably only do two years, this was not a good move for Austin.

While it seems as if Austin will not be charged with transporting drugs for sale, which carries a death penalty, he will be charged and he will do time. I can’t even imagine doing time in prison, much less a prison in the Middle East, especially when you are an American. It comes back to that old saying, "Why do you think they call it dope?"

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Orelinde_03 said...

Not only the movie Midnight Express, but Brokedown Palace as well! I would NEVER, EVER entertain the thought of possibly carrying drugs out of the country. Especially a country like Dubai!

People just don't think!