Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Spiderman is his own hand!!

Here’s another comic book piece for you. I ran across this a few days ago. It seems that Spiderman has unmasked himself and told the world his secret identity in a press conference. HUH?!?! I know. Apparently it is the latest blow in a new series by Marvel comics called Civil War. In the story there has been a battle between super heroes and super villains and many innocent civilians were killed. The government now wants all super heroes to disclose their identity as a part of the Super-Hero Registration Act. Spiderman is obviously for the Act and Captain America is agin’ it. I guess Spidey and his crew will do battle with Cap and his crew. It’s good guy on good guy violence.

It sounds pretty interesting but once the cat’s, brrrrrrttt, out of the bag, can these “outed” superheroes ever go back? Also, isn’t this just every X-Men story ever written? I would like to see how this all plays out, but I have no idea how to get these comic books. I know of no local comics stores, I am assuming I can track them down on line, but it’s hot and I’m sweaty down here in the dungeon and, frankly, I’m too damn lazy to do it. Perhaps this could be crafted into a movie. It might be pretty cool to have all these different superheroes fighting each other and it would teach us about the importance of our civil liberties, but that goes without saying.


Travis said...

You know, you can get most current comic books at any drug store or grocery. For older ones, check online or the Great Escape in Bowling Green. I think there used to be a place in Owensboro on Triplett or something.

Piccu said...

I remember the place in Owensboro, but the last time I was in there was like 1983. I am not sure it is still there.

I did find a place online, but I would like the whole series and it didn't seem to offer part 1 and 2, so I may just wait until they publish it as a graphic novel. Next time I am in O-boro, I may drop by the little strip mall where the comics shop used to be.

Orelinde_03 said...

This DOES seem very X-Men-ish. What's up with that? But here is my question: Who do you think would come out on top in a battle between Spidey and Cap'n America? And why, why do I have images of guy on guy porn in my head when I pose this question???

If you'd like, I can attempt to track down some sites where you can purchase said comic line. Just give me a heads up.