Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Frisbies: The New heroine

So, I have written about playing frisby (or disc) golf on several occassions. Last night marked the beginning of a new dimension of throwing frisbies for me: Ultimate Frisby. For those of you who haven't played, it is much like rugby without tackling and no extra points. You can't run with the frisby only pass it to other members of the team. If the frisby hits the ground then it switches to the other team.

Last night I went for a "friendly" game and joined this full on insane league. They were screaming throughout the game. Running plays on both offense and defense. I was able to run as fast and as long as most anyone out there, but for God's sake, I didn't know any of these plays or lingo. After the first play, the "coach" called a time out and chewed out the people who were in for not hustling. They were instructing on all of these things throughout the game and despite defeat we came back from a huge deficit.

I am not sure I am quite as hooked as the title might imply (noting that I have never used heroine), but I am hoping to enjoy the league.


Piccu said...

Is there any real sports to be played in SC? I thought SC was red state, it sounds like there are nothing but hippies there.

Although I understand the need for staying away from the more physical sports because of your Blind Rage Syndrome.

my_merlin77 said...

What are you talking? I told you there is a kickball league down here. I am also contemplating softball this fall.