Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Should be in Pictures Part VI

With about a 6 day beard growth and a good two weeks past a decent haircut, I finally got the call to the set. It was the big wedding scene for the main character and her no good husband and I was the no good husband's best man. I had no lines to speak of, but neither did anyone else, so me and almost all the others in today's scenes just kind of stood around.

I felt kind of weird as I arrived because this movie is more than half way finished with shooting and some of these "characters" have been together for weeks. It felt out of place that I was playing the best friend to someone I had never spoken to before and truthfully, I don't think I spoke to him today.

We shot the wedding party coming down the aisle, we shot crowd reactions, shot a band that was there playing a mixture of bluegrass wedding songs. We then moved on to filming the reception line down by a lake, all the guests came down the line shaking hands and smiling at those in the wedding party and finally the bride and groom. This was the best part because after some lines by the main characters, a woman playing the nosy neighbor was accidently pushed into the lake that the wedding party was standing by. It looked awesome. She launched herself into the drink and it should look pretty cool on camera.

So today was long (about 5 hours of standing around), hot (around 90), and not a whole lot of anything considering there was probably 4 or 5 minutes of actual shooting. I have been told that I will be shooting my scene in which I have lines to say early this week. I think that will go well and hopefully I can add a few more to the ones I have. Coach A told me he went from about 3 lines to 6 or 7 in his scene, so you never know. Then it will be on to my next project.

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