Friday, June 02, 2006

Politics in Kentucky. It's Fantastic!

Politics in my home state of Kentucky is the most backward ignorant brand of politics on the in the country. And I'm not even talking about small town local politics where the only thing you need to do to get elected is promise everyone you'll pave their road again and run them a water line. Despite the fact that funding for those things are limited and someone is going to get screwed no matter what. Sure unemployment is up and everyone is moving away, but we have such luxurious roads that only two people use on a daily basis and more and more people get access to our polluted water everyday.

But the fun doesn't stop at the local level. No, no. Our current governor, who just gave our county $30 million dollars simply because he thinks we like him, ran on a political platform in the last election to "clean up Frankfort." All I have to say is mission accomplished.

Not only did he clean it up, but he's effectively cleaned himself out of office by firing people in protected jobs and hiring his republican campaign supporters to fill these jobs. Leaving a paper trail the size of the Western Kentucky Parkway and enough e-mail that a 5th grader could track down anyone involved.

I guess Piccu was right when he said that democrats want money and republicans want power because Ernie Fletcher got himself indicted over all of this nonsense after he issued a blanket pardon for everyone involved except himself. He would have pardoned himself, but I guess he honestly believes that re-election is a possibility and pardoning one's self could give off a guilty vibe.

In the article linked in the title, our lieutenant governor, Steve Pence, was formerly a U. S. attorney was a fighter of corruption. He has formally announced that he's most certainly not running with Fletcher for re-election. I wonder why?

Not to be out done, Fletcher formally asked Pence to resign as lieutenant governor because it's "bad for Kentucky" and you'll see in the article that Pence pretty much told Fletcher to "GFY." Then on top of that, Pence also made it clear that he was not going to run for governor in the next election.

BUT, he's not ruling it out.

Can you imagine the smear campaign Pence could run against Fletcher in the primary. I'm sure that Pence would get destroyed in a general election seeing as how he was part of the first republican administration in Kentucky since 1971 and it has become the laughing stock of the country. The only reason I found this story was because Yahoo! had it in their "recommended" section. As if to say, "Check this sh#! out."

I've met both Pence and Fletcher and I gotta tell you that I actually voted for Fletcher in the last election. To me he seemed like the best man for the job and he or Pence actually showed up in the OC several times whereas his opponent showed up once with a gaggle of former UK basketball players and coaches to draw a crowd.

I don't know how many incumbant governors have ever not made it out of the primary, but unless strings are pulled to make sure no one runs, this one will.

Morons are going to come out of woodwork to face this dude.

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Piccu said...

Actually I said that Democrats want sex and Republicans want money and/or power. Dems think with their johnsons and GOP's think with their wallet.

I saw the article and I also saw that it was recommended by Yahoo. If it weren't so embarrassing, I would find this hilarious. I think that "Fast" Ernie Fletcher has definitely cleaned up Frankfort. He has probably cleaned the GOP out of office for the next 40 years.

I have seen some embarrassing things in the world of politics, but when you run on a “clean up the government” platform and then get caught in a huge scandal involving firing people in the other party to give their jobs to your friends, that is pretty damn embarrassing.

Well, maybe not as embarrassing as your running mate resigning his post with a year to go when it seems he had nothing to do with what has gone on. Why does the guy who is not being indicted have to resign?

By the by, I didn't vote for "Fast" Eddie because I like former UK players and coaches.