Monday, June 05, 2006

New trailers for some old favorites.

Click the title for a link to a site called The page linked has movie trailers that have been recut or remixed to form totally new visions of the movie. The Shining is now Shining and it is a heartwarming story of a foster dad and his kid. School of Rock is now a thriller/horror movie about an imposter that kidnaps some kids. Toy Story 2 is now a cross between Toy Story 2 and Requiem for a Dream. You see Woody and Buzz as you never have as they try to make the big score selling drugs.

The low budget horror movie Cabin Fever is now a movie about a dying friend and being there for them. Sleepless in Seattle is now a thriller about an unstable woman who is stalking a single father and his kid. Two other titles speak for themselves, Spongeback Mountain and Brokeback… to the Future. They are all very good, especially the Shining and School of Rock remixes. Check it out if you need a laugh today.

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