Friday, June 02, 2006

VH1's Rock Honors was awesome. Well, at least two bands were awesome.

Well, Metal Month has come to an end and I gotta tell you, it was pretty cool. We had the story of metal in a four part series, we had new Behind the Musics with Ratt and Pantera and on VH1 Classics had old school metal videos half the day. VH1 ended the month with a special Rock Honors on Wednesday. I watched it yesterday because I had DVR issues and couldn’t check it out live. Here’s the rundown.

The VH1 Rock Honors, honored Queen, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, and Kiss. The show started with Queen, the Foo Fighters did a version of Tie Your Mother Down, which sounded really weird with Dave Grohl on lead vocals. Then Queen with Paul Rodgers came out and played a few songs. I have to tell you, I watched the whole performance and I actually thought to myself, “I need to see these guys live.” Brian May has got a BIG guitar sound and I bet it is even bigger live. Paul Rodgers is not Freddie Mercury, but he serves his purpose. Queen rocked.

Now we come to Judas Priest and Godsmack did a little tribute to them playing a medley of songs like Hellbent for Leather, Electric Eye, and another that I cant’ recall. Sully Erna, lead singer of Godsmack, could not handle the vocal range, but who can. Priest hit the stage and rocked the joint. This is another band that I would like to see live. I bet their sound will strip the skin off your face. I watched the whole performance and rocked out the whole time.

Now it’s Def Leppard’s turn. Not a huge fan, but I thought the first two acts were really good, so I was interested. The All American Rejects played a tribute to Lep by performing Photograph. I skipped thru most of it, it just didn’t interest me. Def Lep hit the stage and played Rock of Ages. Joe Elliot sounded like crap. I skipped to the next song, hoping for High ‘N’ Dry, but they played 20th Century Boy by T Rex. It didn’t make sense, except maybe it is on their new album of cover songs, but who wants to hear new stuff at the rock honors? Not me, I skipped all the way to the next band.

Now we come to Kiss. Last time I saw them there was no Ace Frehley and no Peter Criss and they sounded like sh*^. I was hoping the whole group would be back together. Wrong! Wrong! The tribute portion for Kiss was a “supergroup.” Here are the names, Rob Zombie on vocals, Tommy Lee on drums, Gilby Clarke on rhythm guitar, Scott Ian on bass(and what looked to be a mini version of Gene Simmons' battle axe bass), and Slash on lead guitar. That is a band. And to put the cherry on top, Rob Zombie invited Ace out to play God of Thunder with them. It was chaotic, but a very cool scene.

At this point, because MTV and VH1 are notorious for not being able to keep their shows on schedule, my DVR cut off with about 10 to 15 minutes left to watch. I hate you VH1. I assumed Kiss sounded as bad as they did the last time I saw them, mainly because they seemed to have trouble starting Detroit Rock City. Someone came in too soon or came in too late and it just sounded slow. I will try to catch their performance later this weekend, but I am not holding out hope for a good show.

I realize now that this has gotten too long and if I hadn’t spent the time on it I would just delete it. The show was alright, Jamie Pressley is hot as hades and Queen and Priest ruled the night. Next year they need AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and perhaps Motley Crue. Those would be the bands I would go after. Until next May, keep your horns in the air and your feet in the grave or something like that.

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Orelinde_03 said...

Rock Honors....I missed it! Boo-hiss to me for not catching this one. I will have to check out Queen w/ Rodger Waters. I was kind of boycotting due to Freddie no longer being alive. But if you say it's worth a listen, I will check them out. Def has had their share of the lime light in my opinion.

Ever since I was a little kid, was a HUGE Kiss fan, and still have my action figure of Paul. I had to reorder checks recently, and almost ordered Kiss checks. Anyway, about 5 years ago, had seen Kiss (all original members) at MSG, and they rocked! Did not disappoint at all.

However the year they toured with Aerosmith, which was about 3 years ago (I think) they (Kiss) were so disappointing. The only one who could still rock out was Gene.