Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Friday the 13th the backdrop for Movie Mayhem II

This year it seems that the date of the second annual SC edition of Halloween Movie Mayhem will be set up for Friday the 13th. There is a new boat, which I will test out over the 4th of July. More will be discussed about the movie selection 2006 as the date approaches.


Piccu said...

What's up with the three posts? I thought I had taken sole control of the direction of IA.

How apropos to have Movie Mayhem, in which we will watch hundreds of horror movies, on friday the 13th at a house on a lake.

This does not sound too inviting if you ask me. Though, if there is no illegal drug use and no sex on the premises, we could survive the weekend. Though it may not be a very fun weekend without those things.

Travis said...

Actually merlin could have sex with the Toast. But you and bratch will have to abstain from having sex with either merlin or toast. Which you should be abstaining from anyway.

Piccu said...

We have abstained, so far. Maybe Merlin could round up some nice Spartenburg floosies to party with. I don't what the girls are like in SC.

The last time we did this, the Toast was the only female there. As the wonderful Neil Patrick Harris would have said, "It's a real sausage-fest in here."