Thursday, June 29, 2006

What can you say, it's Britney being Britney...

I don't know what this chick's problem is, but she won't be scoring any points with this current little publicity stunt. Apparently, Britney Spears thinks that one way to prove yet again that she isn't a girl anymore is to pose nude for Harper's Bazaar magazine.

OK, I'll be the first to admit, I wouldn't mind seeing her naked and frankly every man feels the same way. However, naked and 6-months pregnant isn't scoring any point with anyone. I guess a magazine called "Bazaar" is appropriate for her though because there if there is a word that best describes her, that's it. Besides, didn't she already have a single released about being a woman or something. Probably named an album like that. I'm sure that's enough. After an album dedicated to your woman-ness, a 48-hour marriage/divorce and getting knocked up by a dude whose wardrobe consists of track suits and wife-beaters, we get it. You're a woman. Start doing things that makes us feel like you are smart.

And why is it that in what would be the most awkward moments any person could ever dream up she always has his goofy smile on her face? They probably got that in one shot.

Photographer: "OK, imagine you are 6-months pregnant, thought to be a horrendous parent already and about to be on the cover of a prominent magazine. You are also naked... (snap) Yep, that's the one."

Britney: "Gee, thanks Deb, that was really relaxed. I look like a good mommy now."

When Matt Lauer was grilling her in an interview she was practically giddy at the chance for Matt to ask her what it feels like to be made out to be a complete idiot on a daily basis by the media. Check out this photo from the interview, she has this look on her face like "this is gonna be great!" And we all knew it was a bad move. Britney is like the president, she should never be put into a situation where she has to think for herself. Especially when questions are being asked.

Her life is turning into a slow motion train wreck. Each new story is one more derailed car off the track. The difference is that I love a good train wreck, but this train wreck I'm bored with.

Go away.

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Orelinde_03 said...

Britney is just the type of person (note I did not use the words 'girl', 'woman' or 'human') who needs to either wear 'the special helmet' or be placed in a protective, yet padded cell for the safety of all of us having to be forced to read, see, or hear about her.

Ok, she has a nice body....but everything about said body is fake. Get that guys...FAKE. But I can't yell too much at the guys for oogling my idea of eye candy is Colin Farrell. But once she, Britney opens her is just all over.

I take Christina Auguliara (sp?) over Britney any day. I also fear for her kids...The one in her arms, and the one she is sporting nikkid on the magazine cover...still womb-side.