Friday, June 09, 2006

A new Halloween sequel, X-Men spinoffs, just random movie news.

Here is a jumble of interesting movie news for you.

We have got another Halloween movie in the works. The director for this edition? Rob F. Zombie. Well, this should be interesting. I have not seen The Devil’s Rejects, but House of a 1,000 Corpses was not very good. It did have that old Texas Chainsaw Massacre grainy, home video look about it, but it did just not do anything for me. Zombie went to John Carpenter to get “permission” to take the helm on this movie. Carpenter said go for it. Zombie said that his version would be a bit of “a prequel and a remake, combined.” It is going to focus on the origin of Michael Myers and how and why he became the killer he is. Should be interesting.

I saw some info on the X-Men yesterday on G4. In the scroller running across the screen, it said that there are other X-Men characters besides Wolverine who will be getting their own stand alone movies. One character is Magneto. I am not sure what they would do because Magneto is basically a “bad guy,” but I guess they could make it interesting enough. I do not see a clamoring from fans for Magneto to have his own story.

I also saw that another character will be getting his own spinoff movie. This character has not even appeared in the X-Men movies. One of my all time favs, Gambit. Gambit can turn anything into an explosive and has a trademark of using playing cards as explosives. I saw that the producers were in talks with Josh Holloway, you may know him as Sawyer on Lost. Not sure about that, but I guess it could work. I have always wondered, out of all the X-Men characters added throughout the sequels, why Gambit has never appeared. He is definitely a favorite. I would be more interested in a Gambit movie than a Magneto movie. Get it done!!!


Travis said...

but remember, Magneto wasn't always a bad guy.

As far as Gambit goes, I'm not sure how you make a spinoff from a character who hasn't appeared in any of the XMen movies.
Although "Remy" was heard in X3.

Piccu said...

I hear what you are saying about Magneto, but except for about 5 minutes in X-3 he has never been portrayed as a good guy.

I don't know that it would be too hard to make a Gambit spinoff. He is a very popular character and as long as it looked really cool, anything is possible. I am just glad we are not getting a Storm spinoff, I couldn't stand Halle Berry for two hours by herself, unless her mutant power was making any clothing she wore invisible.

Orelinde_03 said...

Ok, a Storm spin-off would NOT be a wise move. Does anyone remember Catwoman? Yes, I think Halle is beautiful...but she is not able to carry a movie on her own, in my opinion.

As for Gambit, being that I never read the comic books, do not 'know' this 'mutant'. But from what is being said, wouldn't mind seeing the movie if it is made. Especially if it is Josh Holloway playing him.

Magneto is cool, and I think if written right, a spin-off could be interesting. Since he is now a 'regular' dude now, they can maybe focus on his quest to gaining super powers again, being excepted by mutants, or even do something between him and Mystique since he slighted her when she was turned human again.

my_merlin77 said...

I got no problem with spinoffs but I really am not sure how many heroes can "go it alone." if they had movies showing adventures with say 2, 3, or 4 characters then it would be pretty great.

As far as Rob Zombie, I am not sure what I think about it. I have not seen his others because i heard it was gratutitous gore with no plot. i will watch this one if it happens though.

Piccu said...

I had heard that the Devil's Rejects was actually pretty good. Maybe that could be a Scary Movie Marathon title.

I just got an X-Men comic that Buffy creator Joss Whedon wrote and there are only 5 main X-Men involved in the story. I think they could make other X-Men movies, but say Storm is on vacation or Cyclops is under the weather and can't fight crime today. Just use three or four main characters on a totally seperate mission. That may be more appealing than a stand alone Magneto movie.

We still need a Wolverine spinoff, though.