Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joining the IPOD generation

My first father's day was marked by joining this ipod generation with a nano for running. I am actually enjoying it much more than I expected. I might even download some podcasts to it, as Bratch is so interested in. I listen to it while I'm reading and running. I know for travelling it will be nice too. The one complaint I have is that the arm band rubs my side when i am running, if anyone has a suggestion let me know. Otherwise it is great.


Piccu said...

Don't wear it on your arm, problem solved.

BRATCH said...

I know the earbuds on my Shuffle have a really long cord so you could put it in your pocket or use the lanyard and buy some running shirts with a pocket on the chest. The cord is probably so long so it can bounce around.

Granted, I'm not running with my shuffle, but I used it at basketball games I was shooting and just put it in my pocket and it didn't get in the way.

my_merlin77 said...

That is a good thought about the pocket. I bought some better headphones yesterday and am not sure I am wild about them. I'll give them another try. The thing with them was that apparently the cord was supposed to be worn behind your neck and I ran with it in front. After I actually looked at the diagram, I tried it the other way for a very short distance and could tell it was a lot better. We'll see after the next jog.