Monday, June 05, 2006

I Should be in Pictures Part V

I haven’t had an update in a while on my journey to Oscar gold because frankly nothing has been happening. I found out I had a scene on June 17. It was a big wedding scene. I assume I will be in it because I am the no good best friend of the no good groom. I also had to be in a real wedding that day in a town about an hour or so away. It is also a quasi-Catholic wedding, so you know that is going to last a few hours.

I called the producer to see if there may be a chance to do both weddings and she said that there wouldn’t be and they would just leave me out. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by “leave me out,” so I asked and she said they would recast my part. I made sure to tell her I did not want to be recast and I would not be in my friend’s wedding. She took my name and said she was sorry about the circumstances and we said goodbye. After I began to think about it, I convinced myself that because we were on cell phones she may have misunderstood me and thought I backed out of the movie instead of the wedding.

I really got paranoid when I received no word from anyone for a week when I was told there would be a cast meeting and contracts would be signed and measurements for costumes would be taken. I was freaking out. I finally got hold of the producer and as far as the conversation went, I realized I was still in the movie and went to the set today to get my measurements taken. I was told that my wardrobe would consist mainly of a pair of overalls and a different shirt each scene.

The movie has already started filming and there are some pics from the first scenes on their website and they look pretty good. My first scene will be on Monday as the schedule stands now. I was told this would be a pretty quick scene and I wouldn’t be there that long. I have no lines written in the scene and as far as I now I will only be seen and not heard in the scene. Maybe I can wrangle my way into some lines, not sure if it will be possible, but I will try to hog some screen time. I feel like an actor already.

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Orelinde_03 said...

I am sorry you have to miss your friend's wedding to be in the movie. Is your friend going to be upset that you aren't there? I think you should negociate for more $$$ or a bigger role since they're screwing with your personal life.