Thursday, June 29, 2006

My two cents on Superman Returns...

I'm not a Superman guy either, like Piccu. I guess it's because in the movies he doesn't have any big time flaws. His only real problem is that he's not very super when it comes to talking to women.

Batman saw his parents killed and is scared of bats and is a regular dude. Spiderman, well if you've seen the trailer for the third installment, Spidey has some serious issues.

And all of the masked heros have identity problems. They can't tell anyone that they are super heros. Granted, I guess Clark can't tell Lois he's Superman, but Superman can't tell Lois he's Clark either. It evens out.

Anyway, the movie was really good, but they flew passed the perfect comic book ending. See if you can spot it. It's still a very solid movie. I really dig the old school graphics work they did with the opening credits. Very 80's.

Of course, this movie is vastly superior to the old Superman movies. I kind of liked the movies when I was little, but nothing really stuck with me and I never really cared about seeing them again. Christopher Reeves will always be known as Superman and I guess he hit the nail on the head with the character, but I suppose I'm not a Superman fan because he's kind of dry.

I'll just say this, Superman Returns is a pretty good movie and you should go see it if for no other reason than because it's Superman for Pete's sake.

Howver, I don't think it touches Batman Begins.

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Orelinde_03 said...

I have not been able to get in to Batman Begins, and that makes me sad. Because I am a huge Batman fan.

What always bothered me was that Lois, or anyone who worked at the Daily Planet, for that matter couldn't tell Clark was Superman...just because of the blasted eyeglasses.