Monday, June 26, 2006

Baseball has discovered the next Lou Piniella

I really do have to recommend the website to all the sports fans that check IA out. They have news and with the news, good ol’ fashioned snarky commentary. They also print some stuff that other news organizations will not. I’m not saying that is good or bad, I’m just saying. And to top everything off, they dislike ESPN’s Chris Berman as much as I do. They even have a special section devoted to him.

I saw this today as I checked out It is a clip from of minor league baseball manager, Joe Mikulik of the Ashville Tourists, throwing a fit at Appleby’s Park in Lexington, KY. I think I have been there before, anyway, the call he is arguing had something to do with Koby Clemens.

Here are some highlights, he reenacts a slide into second, he throws a base, he sweeps dirt on the plate and the umpire, he throws bats, he pours water on homeplate, he slams his water bottle onto home plate and then he returns to argue with the umpire some more.

Check the clip out, this has got to be the best manager tirade I have ever seen. No one, including the greatest tirade thrower in baseball history, Lou Piniella, has anything on this guy. Mikulik is the man.

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