Friday, June 23, 2006

The Baltimore Orioles are so bad they can't even get an intentional walk right.

I had a discussion with my cousin the other day about intentional walks in Major League Baseball. He asked if anyone ever hit an intentional walk pitch. Intentional walk pitches are generally thrown way outside of the plate and are definitely not meant to be swung at. I said that Bo Jackson once leaned over the plate and hit an intentional walk pitch out for a home run or to the warning track, I wasn’t sure on the landing of the ball. Bratch thought it was to the track. But it is usually something that never happens.

I was on the site today and saw this video courtesy of and thought I would link it so you could check out something that rarely happens in the majors. It is from a Baltimore Orioles vs. Florida Marlins game. The batter is Miguel Cabrera and he is being intentionally walked by the Orioles. Watch the video and you will see Cabrera swing at one of the worst intentional walk pitches I have ever seen. It resembled a slow pitch softball toss. It doesn’t quite get out of Cabrera’s reach and he swats it for a single that drives in a run for the Marlins, breaking a tie game and putting the Marlins ahead 6 to 5.

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