Monday, May 01, 2006

TV's biggest time of year is here. Finale!!!

Sweeps and finale time is here in TV Land and I am interested in many that will be on. As most of you now, I am a TV and movieaholic. I waste more time watching other people’s fake lives. What are you gonna do?

Anyway, I have linked a Yahoo piece that runs through the finales and special episodes coming up and I figured I would weigh in on some, since I really have nothing to do here at work right now.

Quite a few shows are leaving the airwaves this spring, most I could not care less about. I used to watch Malcolm in the Middle and liked it but it started getting old for me so good riddance. I used to be a big fan of That 70’s Show and I will probably watch the finales for it. It suffered from the same problem that Malcolm and most shows that last 9 or 10 years suffer from, getting old. It is hard, I’m sure to come up with new stuff every year and some shows just run their course and limp into the sunset. Will and Grace is gone, the only thing that will be missed is Jack and Karen, the best things about the show. I will not miss seeing a big name guest every week, It kind of turns the show into Saturday Night Live. It’s like tonight’s guest host is J-Lo. I think W & G suffered for that.

I am going to miss Alias. I was on the band wagon early and often and I will never forgive the rest of the TV population for not joining me. A super hot, super spy? Who can’t get behind this show? Then they add Rachel Nichols to the cast? Woo, woo, woo, woo!! Now it will be gone. I can only hope Sidney Bristow goes out in a blaze of glory and some trashy lingerie. That is the only show that we know is leaving that I will miss.

Big season finales coming up for some shows, but the one I can’t wait for is Veronica Mars. Why is this? Well, besides it being the best show on TV, I know that the season long mystery will be solved. That how it went last year and I am sure that is how it will go this year. We will find out who blew up the busload of kids and sent them over the cliff to their watery grave. If you have never seen this show, I beg of you, check it out. Great writing, great characters and great acting, you can’t beat that. I will say that if this show is cancelled I will never watch network TV again. I mean never.

I am also looking forward to 24's finale and seeing Jack Bauer torture more people. I am looking forward to Lost’s finale, but I know it will only leave me asking more questions instead of answering the ones I already have. I still think that this show should end in 3 or 4 seasons because I think it will suffer the longer it goes and the more the writers have to keep coming up with stuff to keep us hooked. I still fear this thing will go for 10 years and will get cancelled before the whole thing is explained.

There you go, some TV dinner for thought. Don’t let it give you indigestion.

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Travis said...

I'm looking forward to the season finale of Everwood. That probably says a lot about me, but I enjoy that show.