Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol is heating up and cutting down.

Like you even care what I think about the subject, American Idol is nearing the end. After tonight’s cut, there will be four left. Who will those four be? I know who three will be for sure. McPhee, who just gets hotter and hotter every week, will make the final four because of her quasi-lap dance performance last night. If she doesn’t win this thing, maybe she will talk with Playboy. Chris is a lock because he had the best performance with the great Styx song, Renegade. Taylor will make it because everyone loves the twitchy freak.

As for the last in the final four, I’m not sure. Paris has been in the bottom three recently and she did not do a good job on my personal favorite Prince song. Elliot didn’t do anything for me either. I believe Elliot will go tonight for no other reason than Paris is the only one left who fits the true American Idol characteristics.

Chris is too rocky, Taylor is too old looking/Joe Cockerish, Elliot is too weaselly/boring, and McPhee, besides being hot as hades, is not that great a performer. I also think that Mcphee is not the typical “pop” singer; actually none of them are, except Paris. Paris is young, she can sing, and she can perform. She should win the whole thing, but she won’t. If AI winners actually did sell records after they won, I would expect Paris' records to be the one AI's audience would buy. Teens and "pop" fans would eat her up, once again, that is if every AI winner actually sold a ton of records.

It looks to me like Chris and Taylor will make the final two and Taylor will win the whole thing. I do believe that neither wants to win. I don’t think a win helps them anymore than a loss at this point. If Chris or Taylor wants to be taken seriously as an artist, they both probably want to go soon. It will take them years to come out from under the AI stigma. Look a Kelly Clarkson. It took her 3 or 4 years to truly hit it big. I think Elliot, Paris, and McPhee all want to win. A win for them will work better for their styles/look. Unfortunately, Elliot and Paris will be leaving this week and next and McPhee hasn't got the personality to match up with Chris and Taylor.

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