Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Are aliens invading our planet thru ducks?

Click the link for proof positve that unlike the TV show Invasion, the real alien invasion will begin with the duck population. In the x-ray of a duck, you can plainly see...well something. Something with an evil looking face and a weirdly shaped body. I think this is indeed an alien. Why chose a duck as a host? That I can't figure out. Intelligent life, my a**.

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Orelinde_03 said...

Are you sure? They're using dukes as the hosts? Have you watched War of the Worlds one too many times?

I do think dukes are cute. However never saw the x-ray of the skelatal make up of the duck. If anything I think it would be geese they would inhabit as geese are just nasty in thier disposistion.