Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Elliot was evil last night on American Idol. Will it be enough to make the final three?

As you can tell I am kind of bored at work today, so I am passing the time by writing about anything and everything.

American Idol just got interesting. I predicted the demise of Elliot last week and I said that if he didn’t go last week, he would this week. If the votes go according to the performances last night, then I will be wrong. That never happens!!

Last night was Elvis night and the Idols picked many of my favorite Elvis songs, including Suspicious Minds and Trouble. I will say that I thought Chris would have tackled Trouble because he is the scary “rock” guy and I almost laughed when I saw Elliot was doing it, but he pulled it off. Taylor had a good showing with In the Ghetto, another of my favorites, and Chris’ version of Suspicious Minds was very good.

On the other hand, McPhee did not do very well at all and should be gone tonight, unless America votes according to all performances and not just last night’s. It seems that ever since she stopped flaring her hooters, her performances have been less than stellar.

McPhee and Elliot will be the two with the least number of votes. Even though Elliot did a great job last night, probably the best job of the last few shows, I think America is a little confused and creeped out by him. He will go home tonight and McPhee will go next week.

I am still going with Taylor to win, even though I think that Chris is the fan favorite right now. I think Taylor is safe and kooky enough to garner a few more votes than Chris in the end. He should pick up more Elliot and McPhee votes than Chris will. There is my analysis for the week. It is sure to be wrong as usual.

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