Monday, May 08, 2006

Keith, you need to be more careful...

If you click on the title, I've linked you to the story about Keith Richards and how he is now recovering from recent surgery to relieve pressure inside his head after taking a bit of a tumble.

It doesn't say specifically in this story, but for those of you who haven't been keeping up with Keith, he fell out of a palm tree or coconut tree he climbed in Fiji. Now why a 62 year-old man decided to climb this tree, I'll never know. But I'll bet that most people are saying, "Well, that's just Keith being Keith."

Personally, I'm concerned and I'll tell you why. It's pretty known far and wide that Keith hasn't met a drug or intoxicating beverage that he hasn't tried or enjoyed on a regular basis. So jokes about his extensive drugs and alcohol use are common and it concerns me that this great guitarist could do something like... Oh, I don't know, fall out of a stinkin' palm tree he had no business climbing and killing himself adding new punchlines to all of the jokes.

Keith is one of the best guitarists that ever lived. Sure most people know the Stones for Mick Jagger, but Keith is the backbone and as comedian Tim Wilson would say, "That Keith Richards can play a damn guitar."

Keith needs to be concerned with his legacy at this point. He has tons of money and that's all well and good, but we are talking about The Stones for cryin' out loud. Having the lead guitarist for The Stones die because he fell out of a tree, while possibly drunk (you never know), can turn the legacy of a great rock 'n' roll band into something out of "This is Spinal Tap."

Next thing you know, Charlie Watts will spontaneously combust and the rest of them will all continue to die Hanna-Barbera-style deaths until you won't be able to listen to another Stone's song again. They'll be ruined just like WCW wrestling killed Jimi's "Voodoo Chile" by making it Hulk Hogan's entrance music. Those a-holes.

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