Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Good Reason to Hate High Gas Prices

I've always been a guy who believes in simple pleasures. The smells of spring, sitting on a porch talking, enjoying a sporting event, etc. One thing I've always really liked is driving. Sometimes that means I like to give it a little more gas than I should. Sometimes that just means a nice drive out in the country discovering where roads lead and generally getting lost.

Well there's one simple pleasure that has been stolen from us. I abhor driving now. Not the act itself, but I can't divorce the act from the cost in my mind. When you live on a tight budget, which most of us do I assume, every cost is considered. Dropping 30-40 at the pump once a week is a big one.

I drive a Nissan Altima. So I don't consider myself "part of the problem." But gas still crunches my family's budget. So I don't drive anymore than I have to. I haven't been to Nashville (just an hour from my house) since my son was born in November. We used to go at least once a month for a nice dinner or an occassional show or hockey game. No more.

Actually, I've been twice, but to the airport to pick up relatives. In and out. No leisure, no fun.

So there's yet another good reason to hate high gas prices. Now driving is no longer fun. The next time you hear about outrageous oil company profits, or hear some politician act like they're shocked by a gas situation that's been brewing since before Carter was in the White House, just think of one simple pleasure they've taken from you in the name of profits and tax revenues.

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